Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Planners

Investment Management, Retirement/Spending Planning, Tax Planning,

Estate Planning, Insurance Review


Fee-Only Fiduciaries

AIO Financial is an independent, comprehensive, fee-only financial planning firm. We do not receive any commissions and do not sell any products – so that we can be unbiased and be solely dedicated to meeting your needs as fiduciaries.


We work with you on all aspects of your financial well-being, including: asset management; retirement planning; taxes; estate planning; insurance; impact investing. Our fee is based on the assets that we manage.


We are located in Tucson, Arizona but we work with clients virtually throughout the US.  We also travel to visit many of our clients throughout the year.

Investment Pillars


Strategic Reblancing

Low Expenses

Tax Minimization / Deferral

In-line with your values (optional)


As fee only fiduciaries, we’re different from 90% of other financial advisors

  • We have no conflicts of interest – we do not receive any commissions and we do not sell any products
  • We are only compensated by you, our client
  • We are unbiased in our recommendations
  • We can assist you in any financial area you want help with – we do not need to sell a product to get compensated, so we can help with retirement planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, debt reduction along with investment management – to give you comprehensive financial support.
  • We work for you, not an insurance or mutual fund company – no commissions no product sales
  • We can use a variety of investments to meet your needs, including: ETFs, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, market linked CDs, individual stocks and bonds, …
  • We are fiduciaries – bound by the highest standard of care

Competitive Fees

AIO Financial fees are based on the amount of assets that we manage for you. We assist with all other aspects of your financial well being as part of our service, including: retirement planning, advising on accounts that we do not manage (such as 401k’s), taxes, insurance, estate plan, …

We manage 401k plans for businesses through SocialK and we can work on an hourly basis.

Work with a Certified Financial Planner

All of your meetings will be with Bill Holliday, CFP not with a junior staff member.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We work with you on all aspects of your finances to develop a unified comprehensive plan. In addition to investment management, we work with you on retirement planning, tax planning, insurance, estate plan, spending plan, and education planning.

We offer a free upfront meeting – in-person, by phone or computer (Zoom). We will discuss your financial situation and our services. We are sure you will learn something helpful at that meeting.